Announcement Date: 08/16/1970

CMC logo from 1967
CMC held its first classes in the fall of 1967 at the East Campus (Leadville) and West Campus (Glenwood Springs). The first class schedule featured an architect’s rendering of the “interim” campus building. One “interim” building remained on campus for more than 40 years.

photo - Joe Davenport from newspaper clipping
Dr. Joe Davenport was the first president of CMC. He flew his own plane between the two original campuses in Leadville and Glenwood Springs. Just one month after classes began in 1967, he was killed while trying to land in Glenwood Springs.

photo - students line up at a cash register at registration
In-district tuition in the fall of 1967 was $6.75 per credit hour. Today, in-state and in-district tuition is still the lowest in the state.

Most of the college’s 22 programs were offered in the first year of college operation: Astrogeophysical Technology, Automobile Mechanics, Building Trades, Civil Technology, Commercial Photography, Data Processing, Drafting-Design Technology, Electrical-Electronics Technology, Metals Technology, Industrial Management, Farm and Ranch Management, Food Service Technology, Home Economics, Landscape Technology, Mining Technology, Office Management, Photographic Technology, Recreation Supervision, Resort Management and Secretarial Science.